kibrisAccording to macro climate classification, Cyprus is known with its ‘subarid’ climate. Moreover, the summers are hot and arid , the winters are warm and rainy because it is located in Mediterranean. The average temperature of the island is 19 C. Throughout the year, the hottest month is July.

Within this month, the average temperature is 37.0 C-40.0C. On the other hand, the coldest month of the year is January and in the daytime, average temperature is approximately 9.0C-12.0C. Precipitation is frequent between October and March. The areal precipitation amount is approximately 402.8mm.The most rainy month is December, whereas the most arid months are July and August. The flora of Cyprus has amazing views throughout the year with its various colors. As well as citrus fruits such as orange, bitter lemon, lemon, tangerine and graipfruit, people grow watermelon, vegetables, olives and carob trees. Coastlines are surrounded with eucalyptus and locust trees, whereas the mountain regions are covered with pine trees with their amazing scent. The flora is ideal for goats and sheeps, and tourists enjoy watching the flocks while they are grazing.