History of Cyprus

tarihi01-594-386Cyprus has had a troubled history. The abundance of copper, timber and the strategic location between East and West resulted in repeated invasions, changes of rulers, and strife for the inhabitants.

Before the annexation to Rome in 58 B.C. Phoenicians, Archaeans, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks colonized Cyprus.In 43 A.D. Christianity came to Cyprus and in 330 A.D.Cyprus became part of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire. And so it remained until 1191 when Richard the Lionheart, on his way to the Holy Land to fight the 3rd Crusade, conquered the island.

North Cyprus

 north-cyprus-mapRevered as the unspoiled jewel of the Mediterranean, Northern Cyprus has always exuded a lazy charm that draws the visitor to its shores without even trying. With its miles of golden sands on the endless beaches of Karpaz, the generosity of the Turkish Cypriot people and the abundant selection of fresh foods, this part of the island is a haven for those who want to enjoy a serene yet better, quality of life.


kibrisAccording to macro climate classification, Cyprus is known with its ‘subarid’ climate. Moreover, the summers are hot and arid , the winters are warm and rainy because it is located in Mediterranean. The average temperature of the island is 19 C. Throughout the year, the hottest month is July.

Art and Culture

kibris_girne_limaniInternational Spring Concerts: The spring concerts which are carried out by The Association of Northern Cyprus Musical Friends are popular among classical music lovers.

The concerts are organized especially in April and May. We strongly recommend you to catch up with these concerts that take place at Bellapais Monastery.

Cities and Maps

 tarihiharita01-470x341Cyprus is popular with its amazing climate and friendly people. It connects three continents. After disengaged from British Colony, it continues as a tourism heaven and it includes everything that makes you feel relax and happy. 

You can find various water sports in Cyprus, as well as different archeological remains and historical beauties. The country is a complete heaven with its unique beauties such as its spotless seasides, amazing nature and the sunshine that raises 300 days of a year.

Historical Places and Museums


Our island has a rich heritage which is full of peerless architecture. Soli and Vuni, Arap Ahmet Mosque, Salamis Ruins, Aphostolos Andreas Manastry, etc… You may encounter with the marks of the civilization of 9000 years all around the island.

Shopping in Cyprus

12011Kıbrıs' ta Avrupa ve yerli malların yansıra Kıbrıs’ın kendine özgü el sanatlarını da bulabilirsiniz.

Türk bebekleri, nargileler ve tavla setleri kolayca bulunabilir. Altın mücevher, deri elbiseler ve kumaşlar oldukça ucuz fiyatlarla satılmaktadır. Fiyatlar genelde sabittir ve pazarlık yapılmaz.

Entertainment and Sports

128112_15_09_43Paragliding: One of the most prefable sports in North Cyprus is paragliding. Adrenalin junkies prefer this sport branch within some periods of the year and they enjoy both paragliding and view photography at the same time.

Night Life

disco1 750In North Cyprus, nights are colorful on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Especially, starting from April, North Cyprus’s night life is very popular in summer. When you compare the prices with Turkey, it is not that much expensive.